Sunday, February 19, 2006

Not in Gibbs I.

Boy, Obelisk Press, Paris, 1936

My dad was a big fan of James Hanley's books and for the last decade I've been working on improving the collection he began in the 70's. It's a huge bunch of books now and about as good as it's likely to get, so it's going off to the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library at the University of Toronto where it will join his Powys collection.

I thought I might use the blog to list some of the titles that we both managed to get that do not appear in his excellent bibliography by Linnea Gibbs.

The first is Gibbs' ghost, a variant edition of A6h, the Obelisk Press, Paris first edition of Boy printed in 1936. Gibbs found reference to its publication in the Bib. Nat. Catalogue, but thought it "was probably not published". Well... Here it is.

Title page

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boriswood said...

Gary Miers, co-author of a book about Jack Kahane of the Obelisk Press and who runs the Obelisk website has a copy of Obelisk's "Boy" and exaplined that for the Obelisk Press issue Kahane used the 1934
Boriswood sheets that he purchased from Boriswood in 1934 after their conviction for obscene libel for its publication.
Kahane actually cut out the original title page and
replaced it with his own. One can see where the new
title page was glued into the book.